car polishing foam pads
car polishing foam pads
car polishing foam pads
car polishing foam pads
car polishing foam pads
car polishing foam pads
car polishing foam pads
car polishing foam pads
car polishing foam pads

car polishing foam pads

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
1000 pieces

Patent"Honeycomb foams",It is the shape as the same as honeycomb which is not only very strong but also accelerated het dissipation,and less the dust spatter,it can save 20% wax,and delete screw striation,patent ZL201420314388.

Item NoFoamSize(mm)ThreadUnitPCS/CTN
VH80Yellow, medium hole, medium-cut polishing150×50M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH60Green, big hole, heavy-cut polishing150×50M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH50Bluesmall holteheavy-cut polishing150×50M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH40Orange, medium hole, light-cut polishing150×50M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH30Maroon, big hole, heavy cut polishing150×50M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH10Red, small hole, cleaning and deoxidization150×50M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH8030Yellow, medium hole, medium-cut polishing150×30M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH6030Green, big hole, heavy-cut polishing150×30M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH5030Bluesmall holteheavy-cut polishing150×30M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH4030Orange, medium hole, light-cut polishing150×30M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH3030Maroon, big hole, heavy cut polishing150×30M14/M16,5/8PCS50
VH1030Red, small hole, cleaning and deoxidization150×30M14/M16,5/8PCS50


1. With polishing liquid, paste or powder for polishing, it can make the car as clean as new.

2. High-quality materials, good stretchability, soft and comfortable, not easy to deform, strong and durable.

3. Can be used with the motor, the polishing pad is easy to replace, easy to install, easy to use, and more efficient.

4. It can be reused after washing, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

5. The range is complete, multiple sizes are available, and you can choose the product according to your favorite.

6. The color is bright and the visual effect is good, which adds fun to the car wash and waxing process.

7. Small size, light and easy to carry, it won't be tired for long time use.





Material:Polyester Sponge

Package includes:

3* Polishing Pad


· Please allow 0.5-1cm errors due to manual measurement

· Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same

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