Auto beauty principles


Take to avoid disaster

Eager for success is a common fault of many people.Impatience is a major factor in accidents, unless you are proficient in both the product and the car's interior and exterior.Car accidents are serious because the value of the car itself is high.If the paint is worn through in the grinding, the car must be repainted!So when you have a problem, don't be ashamed to ask.

Take a light to avoid heavy

The most critical is the choice of products, with soft products do not need to strong, with micro cut do not need to cut, with dilution do not need to concentrate, with low speed do not need high speed, can use small strength do not need to use strong, as long as you can do the work, light always specific to the strong.

Choose professional and avoid retail

Professionals should understand the product not by its name but by its characteristics.Tire cleaners and engine cleaners are two completely different products for the average consumer, but for professionals, they are used to remove oil.

Engine cleaner oil removal, because it is usually dirtier than tires.Professionals can also use a tire cleaner to clean less oily engines.If it's clean, there's no need to use force.You'll find that soft products do most of the work, so use the most.When the soft one doesn't work, look for the strong one.This principle applies to car washing, grinding and interior decoration.

Car maintenance is often more like nip in the bud, with more people coming to accept the concept of pre-maintenance than the old mindset of fixing things when they go wrong.In fact, many times, cars are just like people, if there is no regular rest maintenance, will eventually fall ill.So prepare ahead of time, why not?